2019 Gulfood Manufacturing
2019 Gulfood Manufacturing
Oct 28, 2019
Exhibition introduction

Processing machinery: Sintering / agitator / autoclave / baking / blanching / mixing/

Founded in 1987, gulford is the largest and most important industry event in the Middle East and North Africa. Gulford is a very strategic business platform for both the buyer and the seller, which provides the opportunity for both parties to discuss business cooperation issues face to face.

At the same time, the exhibition also provides a platform for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from all over the world to display the latest exhibits and seek business opportunities.

Gulfoodmanuafacturing Gulf food processing industry exhibition, the buyer group comes from the food industry production and processing industry. Food storage and logistics will also be covered under the theme of this exhibition, including storage, transportation, freezing, raw material processing and supply chain management software. The buyer group of this exhibition will focus on innovation, efficiency, investment, long-term large amount orders, and put forward more requirements for R & D, development, planning, and production engineering.

The exhibit function of the food industry displayed here is characterized by "deployment, production and handling". 98% of exhibitors reported that Gulfood brought the effect they expected.

91% of the exhibitors think Gulfood is very successful, 88% of the exhibitors express their satisfaction and recognition for the quality of the exhibition visitors, 85% of the exhibitors think that Gulfood is worth attending and must attend.

Participating in this exhibition can directly understand the development of products in the UAE and even the world and the specific needs of the market, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, laying the foundation for the production of high-quality products, as well as improving the export and ensuring the normal direction of export.

Dubai is the most important trade market and entrepot market in the Middle East. According to customs statistics, the annual trade volume of food, food machinery and hotel equipment in the Gulf region is 9 billion US dollars, 70% of which is re exported through Dubai. Dubai, as a trade and entrepot market, can radiate to Western Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other regions, with a population of 1.4 billion. Middle East countries spend as much as US $38 billion a year on purchasing wheat, barley, rice, vegetable oil, sugar, meat and children's food from abroad, accounting for about 8% of the international food market.

In recent years, with the increase of population, the change of food structure and the increase of food price, the demand for food in Middle East countries has been increasing year by year, with an annual growth rate of 7%. However, compared with its domestic food production and development speed, it is very slow, with an annual growth rate of only 2%, which is far from meeting the domestic demand. China's tea, canned food, convenience food, honey, red dates, etc. Walnuts, condiments and other specialties are in great demand in the local area. According to the a.tkeaney global retail development index report, major new markets, including those in the Gulf countries, are called "window of opportunity" for the food industry.

In the past few years, developed countries have been experiencing the severe winter of economic decline and sales decline. These newly emerging countries have bucked the current and maintained economic growth. Six of them are among the top 20 countries in retail development. Among them, Dubai showed a significant jump growth, from the 20th to the 4th.

Note: the exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, which is only open to insiders. Non insiders and those under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit it. No retail activities are available on site.

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer has the right to change and adjust the exhibition period and place without notice.
Scope of exhibits

Processing machinery: Sintering / agitator / autoclave / baking / blanching / mixing / blower and exhaust device / palletizing / bulk / bulk / can / cover / capsule and tablet printing / capsule filling / capsule processing / carbonation / centrifugal cleaning / coating / compactor / complete turnkey processing plant or production line / batching / refining / condensation / dispenser / applicator / process control / pasteurization / process sterilization / pumping / refining/ Baking machine / seasoning / precipitation / separation / screening / screening / simmering / slicing machine and dice / atomization / steaming / sterilization / mixing / filtration / sublimation / suspension / plate counting / tablet pressing / tempering / water treatment / etc.

Food transportation: connection / demand and supply / transportation / storage / commercial vehicles / counselors and service providers / it and technology / warehousing / material handling / logistics suppliers and operators

Ingredients: amino acids / bioactive ingredients / color additives / culture and fermentation starter / emulsifier / enzyme preparation / essential oils / essences and spices / vanilla, spices and seasonings / marine ingredients / nut products / nutrients / organic ingredients / plant extracts / preservatives / protein / stabilizers / starch / sugar and sweeteners / vitamins and minerals / yeasts, etc.

Packaging: coding and marking / container / conversion equipment / conveyor / forming filling and sealing equipment / shaper / filling / flow solution / fluid treatment / packaging / packaging material / stripper / sealant / slicer / pallet stacking machine / vacuum processor / special filling and packaging machine / multipack carton machine / assembler / sealer / molding machine, dismantling and fixing loader / packing machine / soft packaging / metal package Packaging / polymer - bag making / polymer - process control / stretch packaging machine / tray sealing

Automation: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) / data acquisition and processing (hardware and software) / material flow and logistics identification system (AutoID system, RFID, etc.) / image identification and processing system / it contractor / service / machine data acquisition / measurement, control and regulation system / operation control system / production planning and control / robot / sensor measurement point solution / sensor / software / industry Internet of things (iiotx) / automatic identification / data acquisition / AGVs / computer hardware / control and instrumentation / Technology

Exhibition Hall Information

Dubai World Trade Centre

Venue area: 37000 square meters national area: UAE Dubai

Venue address: Sheik Zayed road convention gate Dubai UAE - United Arab Emirates
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