2019 ProPack VIETNAM Vietnam
2019 ProPack VIETNAM Vietnam
Nov 5, 2019

Vietnam International Food and beverage processing and packaging equipment exhibition (propack Vietnam) is an international professional exhibition of food and beverage processing and packaging equipment in Vietnam. It is sponsored by VINEXAD, Vietnam Ministry of industry and trade, Vietnam Trade Promotion Association (viettrade), Vietnam hard and Soft Drink Association (VBA), Vietnam aquatic processing and Export Association (vasep), Vietnam Food Association, Ho Chi Minh City Food Association FFA, supported by Vietnam Ministry of industry and trade, Vietnam Ministry of agriculture and rural development, Vietnam Ministry of health, Vietnam Food Standards Committee and Vietnam National Standards Inspection Bureau, is the largest and most authoritative trade platform for food and beverage processing and packaging machinery and equipment on display in the northern market of Vietnam. At the same time, Vietnam International Food & Beverage Exhibition brought together famous food and beverage manufacturers in Vietnam and the world. 

Exhibitors: more than 150 exhibitors from 10 countries; Number of visitors: more than 10000 visitors; Number of booths: more than 200. Food, meat, seafood, candy processing machinery and equipment; Food packaging machinery, equipment, materials and technology; Production equipment for fruits, vegetables and cans; Processing machinery, equipment and technology of beer, beverage, liquid food and dairy products; Grain and oil processing machinery and equipment; Cold storage, freezing and storage machinery and equipment; Food testing instruments. Testing equipment; Baking and catering equipment. Material Science; Ingredients, additives, raw material processing equipment Agricultural and sideline products, canned food, leisure food, meat products, aquatic products, condiments, bean products, convenience food, grain and oil products, quick frozen food, dehydrated vegetables, edible fungi, green food, freeze-dried food, health food, infant food, poultry products, dairy products, dried fresh fruits and vegetables, baked food, beverage, coffee, tobacco and wine, biscuit, candy, food raw and auxiliary materials and Additives, tea and local products, etc; Vietnam, with a population of more than 80 million, is a country dominated by agriculture, with agricultural output value accounting for 40% of GDP and agricultural products accounting for a large proportion of its export products. Vietnam has more than 80 kinds of food into the competitive American market. 

In 2017, the output of some products in Vietnam's food industry was: Beer: 1.2 billion liters, white wine: 250 million liters, beverage: 800 million liters, coffee: 900000 tons, tea: 150000 tons, dairy: 547300 liters, edible oil: 663000 tons, aquatic products: 200000 tons, agricultural products: 37.5 million tons. In recent years, Vietnam has focused its economic development on food and food industry, and gradually established and developed animal husbandry and aquaculture along with food and food processing industry to realize diversified development of processing industry. For example, moderately develop the reprocessing of meat, milk, fishery products, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, sucrose and other products to meet the needs of domestic and export markets. Although Vietnam imports more and more rice, Vietnam has become the second largest rice exporter in the world. The annual export value increases rapidly, most of which comes from agricultural products, food and consumer goods. Therefore, Vietnam has more and more urgent requirements for the development of food, beverage, packaging industry, processing industry and complete processing industry. In the first five months of 2017, China continued to be Vietnam's largest trade partner, with bilateral trade volume reaching US $32.76 billion. According to the latest data of the General Administration of customs, in May 2017, Vietnam's import and export volume of commodities reached US $35.39 billion, and the cumulative value in the first five months reached US $162.45 billion, up 21.5% year-on-year, of which the import volume reached US $82.47 billion, up 24.7% year-on-year. In particular, Vietnam's trade deficit reached $528 million in May and expanded to $2.5 billion in the first five months of 2017. The bilateral trade volume reached US $32.76 billion, an increase of 23.6% year on year.

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