Automatic KN95 mask machine

HTL-KN95 mask machine is a fully automatic high speed KN95 mask production line newly developed by Jiangsu Haitel Machinery Co., Ltd., including automatic raw material delivery, automatic conveying, cutting nose bridge, welding forming, nose bridge filling, ear strap welding, folding, cutting Recycling and other full-process automation, complete the entire production process from coil raw materials to finished masks.

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Equipment features:

1. The whole equipment is fully automated.

2. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

3. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation.

4. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the balance of raw material tension.

5. Photoelectric (optical fiber) testing materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

6. Adopt multiple sets of pneumatic components to achieve precise control.

Technical Parameters

1Equipment size10050mm(L)×1500mm(W)×2200mm(H)

2 Appearance color: International standard warm gray 1C (DB standard color), according to this standard when no special instructions

3Equipment weight:≤2800kg

Ground bearing300KG/m2

4. Working powerEquipment380VAC±550HZRated power 9KW

5. Compressed air0.50.7 MPaUse flow is about20000L/min

6. Use environmentTemperature 1035℃、Humidity 5-35%HRNo flammable, corrosive gas, no dustCleanliness not less than 100,000

7. Productivity25-70PCS/MIN

8. Equipment production pass rate99%When the incoming materials do not meet the requirements and the employees do not operate properly

9. Equipment failure rate2%Refers to the fault generated by the device itself

Introduction of raw material selection:

KN95 is a six-layer fabric structure, the outer layer is skin-friendly non-woven fabric, built-in PP cotton and double-layer electrostatic adsorption melt-blown filter element, to filter particles with aerodynamic diameter of 0.24 ± 0.6μm (physical diameter 0.075µm ± 0.020µm) The efficiency reaches more than 95%.

After production, it shall be sterilized by ethylene oxide and allowed to stand for 7 days for volatilization toxicity. After being sealed and packed, it shall be shipped out in a box.

This module is a raw material placement unit. N95 masks are generally composed of 3-6 layers of fabric (see the mask picture above for details). As you can see, this mask machine can make up to 6 layers of masks. When you need to make a few layers of masks, just put a few rolls of fabric on the rack and leave the rest empty.

It mainly realizes the automatic feeding of the fabric, the integration of multi-layer fabric folding and the layered folding, and the fabric is compressed after being folded.

The module mainly includes a fabric stacking structure, a nose bridge line placement structure, a breathing valve cutting structure and waste collection.

The main purpose is to put the nose bridge line into the fabric of the mask after cutting, and obtain the surface contour through the embossing device

The module mainly includes left and right pad printing structure, ear strap cutting structure, labeling structure, feeding structure and folding device.

Mainly realize the functions of text printing on the surface of the mask, fixed-point shear welding of the earband, labeling and folding the mask in half.

The module mainly includes a mask feeding flattening mechanism, a mask cutting mechanism output structure and an automatic waste recycling mechanism.

It mainly realizes automatic feeding of ear straps, fixed cutting, and placing the cut ear straps in the position specified by the plane mask. The equipment automatically completes the ultrasonic welding of the ear straps and mask.

Main electrical configuration list









Touch screen



servo motor




SMC / Japan, Kuangxin / Taiwan


The electromagnetic valve

SMC / Japan, AirAsia, Kuangxin / Taiwan


Ordinary speed regulating motor

Xinshengda / China



NSK / Japan, HRB / China


Line rail



Optical fiber amplifier

Omron, Boye Precision, Panasonic/Japan









Shanghai Jiaocheng

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