Electromagnetic Sugar Pot
From inquiry to clients’ usage of Jiangsu Haitel Machinery Co.,LTD’sElectromagnetic Sugar Pot , we promise to offer you superior service .Please believe your choice .
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1. It adopts the world's advanced high-frequency magnetic field induction eddy current heating principle to directly heat, fast heating, efficiency up to 93% and low energy consumption.
2. Reliable. Microcomputer control, fault self-test and display alarm, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, lack of related protection and other multiple protection.
3. Energy saving. There is no heat loss in the heat conduction process in the conventional heating mode, and energy saving is 50% compared with the conventional heating method. Fruit hard candy For example, the actual electricity consumption per ton of sugar is about 130KW. (The ratio is 30% white sugar, 70% syrup and proper amount of purified water.)
4. No thermal inertia. The heating is fast, and the heating is stopped after closing. It is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials (materials are very sensitive to temperature).
5. Environmental protection. There is no emission of harmful gases such as open flame, smoke, exhaust gas, odor, etc., and the noise is small and green.
6. Easy to operate. All stainless steel body, humanized design, material temperature, firepower and other parameters at a glance, not only beautiful, the staff It is also very simple.
7. Long service life. The equipment has a service life of more than 10 years.


1.Confirm machine type: Negotiate with clients to seclect the correct machine according to customers’ requirment.

2.Quote and Sign firm contract: After confirm with customers with all details, such as payment terms, model, delivery time, send official quotation to clients.



1.When equipments arrive in clients factory,send engineers there for installation and ensure customers know how to operate the machine.

2.In order to improve our products,we keep in close contact with customers to know their feedbacks and suggestions.

3.From the date of the buyer receive the machines, free warrant for 12 months.


Packaging and Delivery

1. Prompt deliver at the very day.
2. Sophisticated and professional logistic agent.
3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team.
4. After-sale service:. Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.


Quality Guarantee

The quality of the production line will have 12 month warranty since the installtion in the buyer's factory.



• Top Food machine manufacturer in China
• 20000 square meters production plants
• Over 22 years of experience
• Made-in-China’s Gold member since 2009
• CE, ISO9001 certified
• Engineers able to offer overseas installation and testing, and training.The plant layout design, assembling, installation and debugging, start-up and local team training will be FREE at no cost.
• Prompt delivery and flexible payment terms
• Small order is welcomed
• professinal team with strong technical and R&D knowledge to develop advanced food equipments
• save labor cost and improve the capacity.


Electromagnetic sugar pot



Rated heating power


Flip power


Total volume


Effective volume


Inner barrel diameter


Inner barrel depth






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