Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Sep 12, 2019
August 15 of the lunar calendar is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China. This is the Mid-Autumn of a year, so it is called the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is also the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a necessary custom for all parts of China to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes. As the saying goes, "The moon cakes are sweet and full in August and 15th." The word "moon cakes" originated from Wu Zimu's "Mengliang Lu" in the Southern Song Dynasty, which was only a snack food at that time. Later, people gradually combine moon appreciation with moon cakes, which means family reunion and longing. At the same time, mooncakes are also important gifts for friends to connect with each other during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Currently, according to the origin of mooncakes, there are: Beijing-style, Jin-style, Guang-style, Yunnan-style, Chaozhou-style, Su-style, Taiwan-style, HongKong-style, Hui-style, Qin-style, Qin-style and even Japanese-style; in terms of taste, there are sweet, salty, sweet, spicy; in terms of pie, there are Gui. Flower moon cakes, dried plum moon cakes, five nuts, bean paste, rose, lotus seed, ice sugar, white fruit, pulp, black sesame, ham moon cakes, egg yolk moon cakes and so on; according to the crust of the cake, there are paste, mixed sugar, crisp, cream and so on; from the shape, there are glossy and lace points.

Guang-style moon cakes: thin skin, soft, sweet, stuffed feet.

Su-style moon cakes: crisp, crisp, crisp overlapping layers, heavy oil but not greasy, sweet and salty palatable.    

Jin-style moon cakes: sweet, mellow and mellow. The form is simple, the taste is mellow, crisp and refreshing, sweet but not greasy.    

Chao-style moon cakes: crispy skin filling fine, fat tongue, sweet and not greasy, soft taste.    

Yunnan-style moon cakes: crisp filling, sweet and salty moderate, clear yellow color, oil but not greasy.    Beijing-style moon cakes: exquisite shape, thin and crisp skin, distinct layers, attractive flavor.    

Hui-style moon cakes: small and exquisite, white as jade, full of crispy skin filling.    

Chu-style moon cakes: crisp and delicious, sesame-dominated.  Qin-style moon cakes: ice sugar, plate oil, pastry filling sweet, sweet but not greasy. Fengzhen moon cakes: sweet taste, mellow entrance, endless aftertaste.

Non-traditional mooncakes are new types of mooncakes, which are different from traditional mooncakes. Compared with traditional mooncakes, non-traditional mooncakes have lower fat and sugar content, and pay attention to the nutrition of mooncakes and the innovation of mooncakes making technology. The emergence of non-traditional mooncakes has subverted people's views on mooncakes. Non-traditional mooncakes are keen on novelty in appearance, pursuing novelty and uniqueness, and constantly innovating in taste. Compared with the invariable taste of traditional mooncakes, non-traditional mooncakes are more mellow and delicious in taste. At the same time, they are more in line with modern people's pursuit of food keeping pace with the times. Fatigue with the traditional taste of moon cakes, contemporary people, especially young people, have given a very high appraisal of the taste and craft of non-traditional moon cakes.
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