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Focus on Worker Health and Safety in Confectionery Industry

Making candy can be hazardous due to the use of boiled sugar and melted chocolate. Boiling sugar often exceeds 150 °C—hotter than most cooked foods—and the sugar tends to stick to the skin, causing burns and blisters upon skin contact. Worker safety programs focus on reducing contact between workers and hot food or hot equipment, and reducing splashing, because even small splashes can cause burns. Some ingredients can also irritate the eyes and lungs, if, for example, powdered ingredients are accidentally inhaled, so worker protection involves reducing exposure to potentially irritating ingredients
As a professional manufacturer in the industry of confectionery and foodstaff processing and packing machinery, we have been devoting ourselves in the making of candy processing machinery, chocolate making equipment, baking food equipment, and packing machinery. We also provide complete solutions for food products.
Mr. Prince in Haitel will be more than happy to discuss and work with any technician or manager from confectionery and food companies.