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DIY Baking Hot In Beijing

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DIY Baking Hot In Beijing

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Most of the time, baking is not only to eat, but to enjoy the wonderful feeling of this process baking brings us. In recent years, along with the expansion of home baking DIY,baking culture has gradually become the representative of urban culture and fashion, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the culture, fashion, leisure baking properties. Baking has become a trend of China's young consumers, urban white-collar workers, or a house wife and a new choice for leisure decompression. Beijing DIY baking market after recent years of cultivation, market development is rapid, DIY baking workshop also began to around the city little by little.

Because the food safety issue is very outstanding in recent years, additive, as people are paying more attention to health, many people began to make their own, start with good material for all kinds of bakery products formula, more and more people started their own DIY baking road and enjoy the pleasure of baking. In the Beijing area of some DIY baking experience hall, DIY cake shop to make the customer more involved in the production, experience great pleasure from DIY. Many upscale shopping centers in Beijing, also open a DIY bakery in, decorate a style to modern style is pure and fresh, very attract the attention of the public; Attend DIY baking workshop has become urban white-collar advocate fashion life. Even foreign language school is introduced for handmade, allow children to experience the fun of DIY baking. Markets such as carrefour, wal-mart more than a dozen large and medium-sized supermarkets, food, kitchen supplies, hotel supplies market also has a DIY equipment, supplies sales. Believe in the near future, DIY baking market will be sought after by the fashionable new trend of the masses.

From the map of Beijing DIY baking,DIY baking market has entered the stage of popularization. Baking exhibition held in Beijing in 2013, DIY equipment supplies enterprises, fill their carts. In April 2014 in Beijing. China international exhibition center held the 11th China international bakery exhibition (CBBE), invited many famous baking equipment, raw materials, mechanical equipment, cures the packing, baking equipment, such as production and processing enterprises. Exhibition area and number of enterprises have multiplied. Home baking and DIY baking will become CBBE2014 focus on the field, it also showed the great potential of the DIY market.

The 11th China international baking exhibition (CBBE) is held by the China food industry association, China association of baking food industry, Beijing trade international exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized the only one professional baking exhibition in northern China. It shows counterparts at home and abroad the latest development of China's baking industry level, discusses the overall development trend of China's baking industry. Believe such a high level of the exhibition will show DIY baking market create a industry, communication, communication of the high-end platform.

The exhibition in addition to the traditional display, also will launch colorful DIY baking activities. "2014 California walnut competition for master design ", "2014 Chinese national kitchen emperor association for the master, high-grade hotel chef live baking skill performance", "2014 China for marketing lecture hall", "2014 people make for on-site experience try" and other activities will be held during the same period.

The city DIY baking aroma. Experience of DIY fun, participate in baking master creative competition, show of national master, to listen to master baking marketing lecture. Please visit Beijing on April 8-10, both o the 11th China international baking exhibition. Believe that will bring you a rich and colorful visual, taste, smell and other sensory feast of diy baking.

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