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The future of the history of candy and candy machine

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The future of the history of candy and candy machine

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Candy mechanization development in China is later than abroad for decades, but the domestic confectionery machinery development is really amazing fast, with some domestic  folk habits are inseparable .

Chinese people like choosing colorful candies to express their blessings of friends and family in festivals or in the days. With exquisite packaging and sweet taste, make people more excited at the time of joy. And candy has a long history and a profound culture.

The ancient people always like using honey making candy, one of the earliest icing appeared in Rome, called almond candy. Candy are expensive scary at the time, generally only aristocrats enjoy affordable, then with the rise of colony, common planting sugar cane make the sugar material widely, the merchants began to experiment with it various recipes, made of cane sugar candy is a lot cheaper, thus to mass production, and sales to all over the world.

As time in progress and the development of science and technology, the food industry in our country also in the fast-growing channel, candy industry in China is also rising, new products with each passing day, wide varieties, so far, China has become the world's second largest confectionery market. These awards also let country confectionery machinery more higher requirements are put forward.

Candy machine equipment into casting machine, boil TangGuo, TangGuo, sandwich machine, soft hard candy production line, candy packaging equipment and so on. Each part of the candy machine plays a different role.

Candy: why do you want to packing? Because packing candy products avoid wet insulation, heat insulation and help prevent product oil oxidation, prolong the life of the candy. Packaging and protect the candy, of course, to prevent microbial and dust pollution, health safety protection products. In addition, the more exquisite packaging products more can attract the consumer's desire. At present, the domestic candy product packaging form has a kink packaging, pillow type packing, folding envelope type.

With the rapid development of domestic industry candy, candy, enterprise competition is increasingly fierce, enterprise want to gain a foothold, candy must comply with the current market demand for change, in addition to attach importance to the quality of the product, also need attaches great importance to the field of packaging, candy companies to himself for a place in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, must cooperate with the change of market demand, in addition to improve production efficiency and product quality, also must be exquisite packaging, the use of high-tech machinery, such as low temperature sealing packaging film materials, kink packaging film materials, and then packing sealing surface membrane material, so as to bridge the gap between domestic manufacturer with the developed countries. Domestic development trend of the candy machine must starts to change, candy packaging, candy packaging must change direction towards high-speed automation, pluripotent and characterization of packaging design in one direction. Believe that with the development of informatization, China's confectionery company will develop faster and faster, and promote the development of the whole confectionery machinery industry. In the near future, we may become the world's largest confectionery market, because we have 1.3 billion people love candy.

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