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The Main Direction In The Tuture Development Of Chinas Packaging Machinery

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The Main Direction In The Tuture Development Of Chinas Packaging Machinery

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Packaging machinery industry development in our country started relatively late compared with abroad but has developed very rapidly in recent years . Though still exist outdated technology, products of a single, unreasonable industrial structure, and many other problems. He Na to China food and packing machinery industry association secretary-general pointed out recently: food and packaging machinery industry in China should change the past blind expansion and the development direction of the all-round attack, efforts should be made to improve the technological content of products. Technological progress should be the goal and direction of the development of food packaging machinery.

The problem of food packaging machinery in our country:

One of the problems, compared with imported products, food packaging machinery in our country in product development, performance, quality, reliability, price, service, etc, at a disadvantage, can't resist an influx of imports. Imported equipment could not be made or not use is mostly domestic technical requirements of high technical content, or large equipment, such as aseptic packaging machine, large-scale high-speed beverage filling machine, labeling machine, electronic scale, etc. Although some domestic equipment can make, but reliability is not high, producing the food quality, shelf life than imported equipment, etc. Such as ice cream packing machine, candy, chocolate, biscuit packing machine and so on, compared with the developed countries, the gap between China's packaging machinery products mainly displays in: poor control technology and product reliability, technology update speed is too slow, the overall level of behind developed countries for 20 years, only about 5% of the products can reach the level of developed countries in the early 1990 s, there are 20% of the products can only be compared with foreign products in the 1980 s, the remaining 60% only can reach the level of abroad in the 1970 s.

He Na to secretary general said: "China packaging machinery technology content is low, lack of innovation. Some of the more simple automatic sealing machine, 20 years nothing changes. Although the demand is bigger, but a lot of repetition production due to low price competition, profit space is very limited."

Question # 2, the development of science and technology lag, lack of innovation, the current is about more than 6000 kinds of varieties of packaging machinery products abroad, complete sets of quantity, new technologies, new products constantly emerging, and to develop in the direction of high precision, large-scale, multi-function. Compared with the developed countries, in China, the varieties of packaging machinery and related quantity is little, only half of the foreign varieties. Many research institutions lack of new technologies, timely transformation of some new research achievements to productive forces, each copy of the enterprise, products in addition to the price advantage, it is difficult to competitive in international market.

Question # 3, Although there are some famous food packaging machinery  brand in China  , but production concentration is not enough. In the current national more than 6000 food packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, there are more than 2000 instability. 's secretary-general said: "don't big packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, and should be fine. The United States, Italy, Japan, most of the food packaging machinery production enterprise scale is not big, but the degree of specialization is very high." He said, "by the simple repetition, by expanding production quantity, by upstream and downstream extension method doesn't work. Food packaging machinery manufacturing industry in our country must to the road of specialized production. Efforts to do the product, do fine, improve the technological content, rely on technological progress to promote the development of the industry."

Support brand products and high-tech products

At present in the world packaging machinery market, set machine, electricity, gas, light, life, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Production of high efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy saving, high and new technology, practical products, scientific research commercialization has become the development trend of the world packaging machinery.

In this case, our country should actively develop and support brand products, promote the application of new technologies, promote the scientific research of compensatory transfer, promote the specialization of production, promote the application of ISO9000 series standards, improve product quality and adaptability of the market, actively participate in international competition in the market.

At the same time, should change the present as soon as possible the status of the product technology content is low, an unspecified number of inefficient, high consumption of products, make the high efficiency, low consumption accounted for more than 60% of the total output. Promote enterprises to form their own development ability, increase the number of high technology products. To support the national testing center construction, perfect testing means, establish a common technology research center, improve the level of scientific research, break through the major key technologies.

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