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High Quality Confectionery Machinery Is The Need Of the Development Of The Market

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High Quality Confectionery Machinery Is The Need Of the Development Of The Market

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For candy products, packaging or gift pack is are very important. But if you want to become a leading brand of confectionery market or fast do big confectionery market must be in-depth planning and distribution. Is not only need to be in the same class mall with different capacity, packaging products, respectively at the same time in order to meet the needs of different market segments, and in different types, different sizes of sales terminals need according to the difference of sales channels with different capacity, packaging differentiated products to meet consumer demand.

Can clearly see from the survey, 32.1% of consumers think designed to 3 yuan a bag of candy packaging the most appropriate, the ratio of consumers to choose the first; Second is designed to be 5 yuan a bag packaging, accounting for 21.4%; Came in third place was think product design into 2 yuan a bag of candy packaging the most appropriate, accounted for 14.3% of consumer preference ratio. At the same time think candy products designed to $1, $4, 6 and 7 yuan a bag packaging the most appropriate were 8.0%, 8.0%, 7.3% and 8.0% respectively, and a very low rate of consumer choice. Survey results show that the $3, $5 and $2 a bag of candy packing is the most appropriate consumer demand.

Changes in the candy machine

Growth in many markets, candy manufacturer mainly committed to improve the quality of our products, whether can successfully compete with imports, higher profits or enter a new market. This requires the most advanced processing technology, because the use of technology for product quality has the decisive significance. Apply to all of these products packaging technology adds candy manufacturers supply.

Domestic confectionery machinery products and technology with each passing day, confectionery machinery market this super gold is send out a dazzling golden light. Casting machine, boil TangGuo, TangGuo, sandwich machine, such as quality, high technical content of candy production line were listed, no matter in the aspect of technology or class, is improved.

Manufacturers to meet market demand

Candy companies expect other innovations, from candy machinery manufacturers aim to increase the efficiency of machines and equipment and efficiency: conversion in the shortest possible time to achieve rapid changes in the form of products and packaging, with a low resource consumption to achieve easy cleaning and highly flexible packaging equipment, is also very important, these solutions are help to optimize the energy consumption.

Product varieties, rapid innovation cycle, a new taste, shape and function of packaging - these are the factors of success, but also the challenge for the candy maker. For confectionery machinery manufacturer in China, must adhere to improve and upgrade product quality, strengthen varieties changes, satisfy the customer new demand.

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