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Egg Roll Machine

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Egg Roll Machine

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Overview of egg roll machine, roll machine is the current popular food consumption market selling - egg flower cake (cone) of the most ideal processing equipment. The machine has a reasonable process, the body is light, beautiful and practical, etc. Egg roll heat color made of uniform, bright color, crisp delicious, clean sanitation. Selected by the high quality formula, can be called with color, flavor, it's for old and young people. Light yellow crisp egg roll is a popular food for young and old, urban and rural areas with its melt in your mouth, strong fragrance, crispy, rich nutrition and loved by the people.

The egg roll machine use: gas with egg skin rolled into a cylinder, the raw material into a cone. Do omelet with crisp egg roll machine is important to note the sugar should be used when mixing the batter stirring, and then put some butter, so make omelets slant red golden in color, soft, wu cavernous skin will be more crisp, shunxing egg roll machine to make the cone nutritional value very high, vitamin, protein, radish element, is very good for your health. Filling and core mandrel and roll forming device USES frequency conversion motor controller, adjustable speed. Core material approved by ball mill material, the filling and core machine automatic injection pieces by roll forming round bar, sent to the automatic cutter device cut rods. Egg roll diameter, thickness can be adjusted up and down through the mandrel shaft to change.

The classification of the cone machine: electric cone machine rely on 220 v household electricity as a heat source, by heating the machine at the bottom of the heating device to make omelets ripening raw materials, and then in the egg roll after curing, out with wraps up, after the temperature is lowered, the sweet taste of beauty make egg rolls. Egg roll machine automatic filling and core fabrics pulper can easily stir MianJiang, possesses the advantages of uniform MianJiang, short mixing time, again after sent to the host for pumping machine. With gas heating, baking process, stove ignition device for electromagnetic valve automatic firing, high sensitivity, easy operation. Baking wheel can adjust the rotation speed, and the automatic temperature control, temperature detector wheel when temperature is too high or too low, can automatically adjust, keep constant temperature state, can effectively avoid the energy waste gas.

The use of the egg roll machine net 2012-6-11 16:04:31 food machinery industry into the egg roll machine project > > > >

1. When unpacking the case, mount handle, six to cone mould clean with water, put a stove in supporting frame, connect vent pipe.

2. Use electronic fire maker lit stoves, egg roll machine, the fire will be dispatched to the appropriate size.

3. Turn the handle, the cone mould evenly heated to 200 degrees.

4. The use of a torque rod to open the mold, the mold with brush besmear edible oil, with modest spoon to stir paste placed in the center of cone mold clamp, fastening mould can, in turn work to sixth cone mold, the first board has been mature, can take out at this moment, then, in feeding the paste, continue to work in circulation.

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