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Italian Cheese Cake

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Italian Cheese Cake

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Baking ingredients

A. cream cheese tower 2000 g

A. south Korean young sugar 400 g

B. the yolk 320 g

B. water (200 g), 400 g fresh syrup

C. David gelatine powder (750 g) boiling water 160 g

D. high sweet cream 1000 g

D. Eiffel Tower light cream 1000 g

E. 100 g coffee wine

F. nescafe instant coffee 25 g

F. water 150 g

The cake five

The surface of the cake decoration fruit right amount

Baking production:

1. All the materials ready and chocolate cake billet, the bottom of the mold with plastic wrap encase. Set aside.

2. Will play soft & cheese, A sugar to the standby in the basin.

3. Add the egg yolk into the egg beater dozen, pour cooked syrup to continue to send paste, add 2, stir well.

4. Add the sweet cream into the egg beater after add light cream until seventy percent of hair can add 2.

5. Will melt isinglass, stir in coffee wine add 2.

6. The bottom of the first to put a piece of cake, pour the batter into the mould in half, and then put a piece of cake at the end of bread stick coffee wine syrup (finger), again pour batter to die can be stored in the refrigerator.

7. Pour the batter again to die can be stored in cold storage.

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