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World-class engineering machinery enterprises responsibility and bear

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World-class engineering machinery enterprises responsibility and bear

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On November 8, 2013, "the second capital strength to the top of the year" 2013 grand ceremony was held in Shanghai. Trading of zoomlion (market share) for its active efforts to promote the progress of industry with outstanding contributions, won praise of people and expert panel, successfully included in the list of top 2013, capital strength, and was awarded the "best social responsibility of listed companies" and "best chairman secretary" two awards.

In the spiritual world of zoomlion, "responsibility" is undoubtedly a key word. Look from scientific research institutes of descent, responsibility is a kind of gene; From the growth process of responsibility has become a kind of power; Right now, the responsibility but also the operation standard of zoomlion. Because with responsibility, to win the respect, sustainable development, to give back to society.

As China's construction machinery (zone) equipment manufacturing leader, zoomlion adhere to fulfill social responsibility and corporate responsibility, promote industry progress, become "corporate responsibility" of the development of the industry benchmark. Founded more than 20 years since, zoomlion has always been adhering to the "personal value comes from enterprise, the enterprise value is the result of society" concept, in the ice disaster, earthquake relief, SCF, into the local economy construction, create two aspects such as society, building a harmonious society, have the courage to bear the social responsibility of the enterprise.

These performance confirms chairman Mr Zhan zoomlion once said a words: "enterprise should transcend profit, the pursuit of a kind of beyond the business target has the value of justice, that is a kind of high level."

Responsibility: beyond the interests of the great love

Zoomlion has always been adhering to the "enterprise value is the result of social values, attaches great importance to support public welfare undertakings, and according to the strategic planning and enterprise scale, will bear the social responsibility, support public welfare undertakings as part of organizational development, to ensure that the company in each stage of the development of fully embody the people-oriented social responsibility.

Established over the years, vanda actively committed to social charity. Such as 5 · 12 wenchuan earthquake relief in 2008, vanda relief total investment 30 million yuan. Qinghai yushu earthquake relief, zoomlion to become the nation's first arrived in yushu engineering machinery professional rescue teams, and a donation of 10 million yuan. As a long-term partner, in hunan sports sponsored more than 17 million yuan. In August of 2003, China united in hunan province launched the "love change destiny, zoomlion millions of student" activities, more than a decade, donated 12 million yuan directly funding over 1200 poor college freshman. Founded in early 2004, vanda is stranded in fund management committee, for 11 years, to carry out large-scale rescue 38 times, distribute the benefits of 6.828 million yuan, help difficult employees out of the woods, etc. Over the years, zoomlion to participate in social public welfare charity abound.

Up to now, in the valley of located at the foot of zoomlion industry park of construction machinery in the museum, people can also see a known as "big hook hook of life". This hook is zoomlion direct embodiment of social responsibility, the story behind it, dates back to 2008 wenchuan earthquake.

Wenchuan after the earthquake, Mr Zhan immediately instructions: "produce relief solution as soon as possible, go all out, starting as early as possible." Zoomlion executives immediately set up the disaster relief headquarters, overnight hurry to vanda sichuan branch joint local agent, assemble the local auto crane (zone), composed of "zoomlion aseismatic wrecking crew", starting from chengdu to the disaster area, the team has also become the first arrived at the scene of the disaster relief engineering equipment relief enterprise team.

"Crane, stretcher, prepare!" Then China united squad captain Li Jungong recalled the situation, "fire officers and soldiers through field exploration, found under a door plank of the size of the cement with a survivor. On May 13, 2008, 22 around 20 points, vanda rescue teams open floor hand carefully at the scene of the crane, the first of the wounded were rescued. At this time, we are all the effort is worth it." Li Jungong said, this is also the origin of the "hook" of life. And in order to let more staff adhering to the "enterprise value is the result of society" concept, zoomlion "hook" of life will be moved to the museum of engineering machinery.

In the summer of 2013, hunan suffered the worst drought in recent 10 years. The years of drought have big love, drought affects all the hearts of the men of zoomlion. To help the disaster area residents get much-needed domestic water, Mr Zhan held an emergency meeting to deploy the relief work, requirements for the power of the entire company cooperate with the province's drought relief. As "irregular" drought teams, zoomlion sent 28 units SongShuiChe vehicles to 10 ChongHan counties to carry out the water service free of charge, for the drought area sent to "rain".

We have learned, in the average temperature is as high as 38 degrees Celsius hot summer day, 60 zoomlion drought-resistant service team always stick to in every battle villages, through the winding roads complex, sending much-needed water for local people. Disaster just a couple of days, 10 pieces to zoomlion drought relief services team is a major water supply in arid regions more than 2600 tons  solves the urgent demand of more than 26000 households.

From wenchuan to yushu from ya to hunan, every major disaster in front, have zoomlion "love". In front of the disaster, zoomlion will "steel (zone) spiderman" tall image show incisively and vividly.

"Zoomlion was born from the day it is endowed with various responsibilities. Shareholders to have the return on capital; the law requires the law-abiding business, behave; heavy customer requirements and trustworthy, and reliable products to the creation of wealth; the sustainable development of the industry requirements and the construction of a harmonious industry ecosystem; employees required to live and work in peace and contentment, stability and sense of belonging, society requires more than do good deeds, to become a good corporate citizen." Mr Zhan said.

Mission: to re-create determination

At the beginning of its establishment in 1992, zoomlion has established the corporate vision of "responsibility vanda", adhere to independent innovation, promote industrial development, fulfill social responsibility. Nowadays, as the leading direction of China's construction machinery industry "China town", zoomlion is supported by a strong strength of enterprises, well-grounded, practice social responsibility.

For more than 20 years, zoomlion while maintaining the high speed development, also stick to the "elevate the overall level of China's construction machinery industry, catch up with the international level," the heart of the entrepreneurial ideal and industry.

Hony President zhao huan once said zoomlion, zoomlion have academic pursuit of perfection and excellence of idealized, pay attention to prospective technology, on the whole industry, up and down a lot in common and fundamental research work, and therefore lose some market opportunities.

But the persistence of the zoomlion also have the harvest. Research and development, 101 meters, 5200 tons of the world's longest carbon fiber boom pump truck, tower crane, 3200 tons of level of the world's biggest arms, China's largest crawler crane, successful m&a integration of the world's third largest CIFA concrete machinery manufacturing enterprises Italy company, etc.

On May 21, 2012, the international standards organization of the secretariat of the crane by the industrial revolution the British moved to China, hunan zoomlion. This is also China's first international standardization in the equipment manufacturing industry in the secretariat, for the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, it is a landmark.

It is understood that so far, zoomlion has a vote for more than 90 international standard project, article 30 opinions and adopted. Zoomlion is also actively convert their advanced innovation technology to international standards, successively put forward the concrete pipe - connection and safety requirements, such as a number of international standards.

Be incorporated into a standard international standards, while bring huge economic benefits, even can decide the rise and fall of an industry. To promote the development of industry, zoomlion "iron man" worthy of the title.

For more than 20 years, all the way to explore and struggle, innovation all the way all the way, the dream of the Mr Zhan industry gradually implemented: today's zoomlion, achieve annual revenue of nearly 90 billion yuan, the company more than $12 billion, not only offer jobs to more than 30000 people, but also formed around it a social industry cluster. And it in the system, mechanism and the way of development, and product technical innovation, more enterprises play the demonstration and leading role in China.

It is understood that zoomlion on an average day there is a new technology, new products, new products each year has contributed more than 50% of sales revenue. 2011, zoomlion and CIFA jointly built based on the European high-end technology and design ideas of super long boom pump car research and development platform, and successfully developed the world's longest carbon boom pump truck 80 metres. Than simple arm length increases, the carbon fiber boom pump truck weight decreased by 40%, the longer the solved the pump truck boom, boom the greater the risk of instability, leg open area, the greater the change in the application history of human pump truck.

The Shared vision of the "industry, together a group of people with lofty ideals to make construction machinery industry, the industry has taken on a new look. But the traditional agricultural province, hunan province, has undoubtedly become the engineering machinery strongest provinces in central China, and gradually to the transformation of industrial province." In zoomlion Chen Xiaofei vice President, concrete machinery company general manager's opinion, it is because the zoomlion adhere to professional development path, with industry dream, taking high-new technology as the core competitiveness, to the world the first brand of concrete machinery.

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