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The difference between chinese packaging machinery and the overseas developed country

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The difference between chinese packaging machinery and the overseas developed country

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Packaging machinery first appeared in Germany, when Germany built the first packaging machinery factory. Later with the development needs of industry, packaging machinery introduced Chinese market. Although thedomestic packaging industry rapid development, but the mechanicalindustry level is still in the low level, packaging equipment of high contentstill once rely on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This excessive rely on phenomenon, has seriously constrained China packaging industrysustained and stable development, also make some non competitiveness ofpackaging machinery enterprises in the endangered situation. Hatel machinery for your analysis Chinese packaging machinery and equipmentwith foreign developed countries the difference in where.

First, the current foreign packaging machinery development is also very rapid, the use of high-tech, intelligent and so on electronic technology, for example, a German and a British company introduced an electronic rotating PET filling machine, which is a new system of single combined rotary bottle washing, filling, capping, the "bottleneck" transfer system, the conversion of different the bottle and packaging can be finished in one minute. The filling machine can reduce the production cost, equipped with electric patenteddynamic quantitative filling system and electronic flow metering device, can carry out continuous filling precision, reduce waste, to avoid excessivepackaging possible burden. And one called computer packaging printing,manufacturing date, a non-contact printing mode can be high-speed jet printing logo and packaging product for the use of serial number, batch number, trademarks, packaging printing, bar code model computer, the Japanese Hitachi company successfully developed. By the use of proven,the excellent effect of the machine. This computer package printing, with 0.4 inches large LCD Chinese operation panel; convenient operation,maintenance, and saves materials.

Secondly, there are Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing problems are: a lack of overall planning; two is the lack of funds, the enterprises for the research and development investment accounted for less than 1% of sales average level; three is the lack of professional and technical personnel, not the rational use of science and technology research of the intelligent packaging machinery and equipment. And compared with the developed countries, from the product structure, China's packaging machinery varieties only 1300 kinds, too few species; from the business situation, the lack of leading enterprises in the domestic packaging machinery industry, production scale is large, high grade of products of small enterprises; from product development to see, our country alsoremain in the imitation stage of testing, self development ability is weak, the lack of scientific research and production test base, scientific research funds accounted for only 1% of sales, while up to 8% ~ 10%. The technological level of China's packaging machinery from the overall look at the overall technical level of advanced countries 20 years behind, in product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of the competition at a disadvantage.

Packaging machinery of the low level development will affect the rapid development of the packaging industry, so must strive to change the backward situation. Let us look forward to the domestic packaging machinery products beyond the developed countries abroad, let the packaging machinery and equipment industry Chinese sitting on the worldbig boss, as a leader among the packaging machinery market. Haitel machinery is committed to food packing machine and candy packing equipment development, improve the competitiveness of our products,improve the added value of our products.

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