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Chinese Candy Companies Crisis And Opportunity

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Chinese Candy Companies Crisis And Opportunity

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With the improvement of people's living standards, foreign candy companies into China, the traditional confectionery market is shrinking, Chinese candy companies in deep crisis.

Recalling his childhood, chocolate coins, jumping candy, etc., are our favorite 8090 hours. In recent years, the planet Cup, oats and chocolate, confectionery and snack food products combined with emerging markets are booming, the traditional candy food facing great challenges.

Following the acquisition of Hsu Fu Chi is Nestle, Hershey again more than 2.4 billion yuan, "swallows" the golden monkey eighty percent stake in the company. In the exhibition site, monkey head marketing company, said Mr. Zhang, candy sales are also seasonal, generally belong to the off-season in the first half, the second half of the season belongs. The company mainly produces candy. In response to the sales season, also produced series of casual snacks greedy monkey.

Insiders said that in this regard that the international confectionery giant Chinese market, it also shows some local enterprise products less attractive, innovative capacity is weak. The future, China's confectionery market is likely to become Mars, Hershey, Nestle and other foreign arena, while local brands will hit "Sweet crisis" in an awkward position.

However, recently held in Beijing World Food Expo 2014 (hereinafter referred to as Food Fair) on the reporter saw many domestic candy companies also a change in previous years under the banner name of nostalgic way to attract customers to new booth design beautiful, unique new features candy attract a large audience.

In Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as guanshengyuan company) 's White Rabbit candy booth reporters found that many foreign visitors rushing to take pictures in the booth, many of the audience to buy the big bag big bag of new rabbits toffee.

According to the company's vice president of marketing Guan Sheng Yuan Shen Qin Feng introduced, White Rabbit Creamy Candy brand was founded in 1959, is China's national candy brands. However, due to the huge potential of the Chinese market, foreign investment poured into the candy business, market competition, White Rabbit Creamy Candy brand awareness had once been diluted in the minds of Chinese consumers.

"In the long-sought breakthrough brand in the process, we found that suit, impossible to imitate beyond the most popular brand of candy, so the company decided to increase research and development, with its own brand characteristics request seeking a breakthrough product." Shen Qin Feng said, "has been White Rabbit candy in the minds of consumers are happy synonymous, for sharing with friends. enterprises should continue unchanged for 50 years, while the classic, to innovate. Therefore, while we innovate on the packaging. based candy brand feature itself create 'giant rabbits' stylish new packaging toffee. on the other hand, make improvements in the quality of candy. currently, we create a candy ice cream flavors developed mineral-rich brown sugar high milk sugar. I hope to make the brand more youthful, more young people to be recognized. "

For the innovation and development of Chinese candy industry, food industry experts said Wang Wei, candy food companies to continue to introduce more new products cross-border, in the traditional market channels, emerging markets continued to force channels comprehensive remodeling candy brand image, so the more younger, leisure. Secondary business enterprises on cross-border, change, innovation on the road.


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