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High-end Food Packaging Market Prospects

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High-end Food Packaging Market Prospects

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  Mineral water, for example, in recent years, more and more high-end mineral water began to appear on supermarket shelves, including some foreign brands. As an important part of high-end products, mineral water, mineral water bottle design and production requirements have become extremely stringent. Such as Evian water bottles made of glass, and together well-known artists, designers to create bottles. The unique design of bottles of mineral water, it becomes a "limited edition",.The price also will be turned over several times.

     Competition for high-end market, mainly companies see huge profitable high-end products. According to industry analysts, the traditional middle and low mineral profits and market space has become increasingly limited. Data shows that the Chinese bottled water industry reached 40 billion yuan last year, but the profit margin is only 3.85%. This corresponds to that in the next five years, the Chinese high-end water market capacity will continue to rise. High profits allow more businesses to go from the "high road." Of course, first-class merchandise needs first-class packaging, from packaging materials to packaging design and packaging manufacturers, high-end product that you want to enter the market also needs a creative, personalized, eye-catching packaging, packaging products and high-end enterprise market will become broader package the development of the field.

     Enormous economic benefits of high-end food products also saw an opportunity to make some criminals counterfeiting packaging products continue to emerge. Counterfeiting has become a high-end wine packaging usual trick: The low-grade liquor to fake packaging or bottling wines recycled packaging, posing as high-end liquor sales, profits; deliberate on the product name, packaging, decoration and well-known or well-known product phase approximation in particular counterfeit "Maotai" wine and some other well-known brands of liquor packaging and decoration.

     Excessive packaging and counterfeit packaging affect not only the profits of an enterprise, but also undermine the perception of the consumer goods. Packaging materials, packaging design, packaging manufacture of high-end packaging will be made up point. Therefore, a favorable position you want the high end food packaging products market, it is necessary to avoid the excessive packaging, counterfeit packaging and other packaging issues.

     Therefore, the high-end food and beverage companies in the pursuit of their own high-quality products at the same time should focus on the quality of the package, but does not mean that we should excessive packaging, creative, easy, simple, personalized packaging more attractive to consumers and to win favor.

     Currently, many manufacturers are focusing to develop high-end food packaging market, after all, the market is more focused on the appearance of the packaging for the food cost control is relatively loose bottles, food bottles profit is relatively high. However, high-end food although still in its infancy, compared to the low-end of the food market, high-end food market space is limited. Therefore, manufacturers of high-end food market once the swarm, it is possible to quickly become a "Red Sea."

     For food packaging, the most critical is the issue of food security bottles, which consumers are most concerned about. Here we must point out a misunderstanding, many consumers believe that high food habitually bottle certain safety factor. Can be sure that this concept is not correct. Therefore, the relevant departments to strengthen food safety supervision of high-end bottles and correct guidance to consumers is also very important.



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