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Candy Packaging Machinery Industry Trends

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Candy Packaging Machinery Industry Trends

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Candy packaging forms

At present, the domestic candy, chocolate packaging forms the main kink packaging, pillow packaging, folding packaging. Kink packaging is the oldest form of packaging, this form of packaging used for candy, not only by the high-speed, automated packaging machines to complete, it can be done manually; pillow packing internationally popular in the 1970s, from the 1980s, the country became popular. Because pillow packing machine more popular, for most candy, chocolate manufacturers are using pillow packing. The foldable packaging, and more for chocolate products, candies made suitable wrapping, strip pack, mounted together, this package in the form of packaging equipment and packaging materials have higher requirements.


Candy packaging trend analysis

In recent years, the introduction of the candy technical experts in cooperation, self original has made gratifying achievements in the confectionery equipment has launched inflatable candy production line, automatic line colloid fudge, ultra-thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling unit, cotton candy production line; packaging machinery with a single twist packing machine, folding packaging machine, high speed pillow charter flights. Chocolate has a multifunction color equipment line of chocolate pouring chocolate composite products automatic line, extrusion line chocolate, chocolate and other fast refiner.


Multifunction devices are an important new trend in the development, because the pattern of candy varieties more quickly update, the manufacturer of the equipment requirements are versatile and adaptable. Composite products such as chocolate on a newly developed automatic line with the production of candy, chocolate and compound coatings multifunction products. The entire production line, can produce a variety of sugars having a core and a high-quality composite laminate of different chocolates, such as forming part of the front end only, can produce nougat, toffee, Switzerland sugar, toffee rectangular species, e.g. the rear end portion of the use of a coating, surface coating can be adapted to the requirements of a variety of products.


In addition, the new device is now powered by a servo motor, photoelectric tracking and other new technologies to automatically control capability has been greatly improved. Composite products such as chocolate automatic line, across the board constituted by nearly 20 units, due to differences in the technological requirements of different varieties, each unit itself is not only the problem of adjusting the speed of operation of the process is more coordination problems between the various units, the unit uses a the total inverter to control the drive speed of each unit.


Candy, chocolate manufacturers when standardized products for packaging, generally requires high-speed, automated packaging machines, in pursuit of economies of scale, cost optimization package. Therefore, in recent years the packaging machine manufacturers developed to fit the different types of products, high-speed, automated candy, chocolate packaging machine, for example, and some traditional pillow packaging for products with double kink kink packaging machines. On such packaging machine manufacturer using the latest technology, such as servo motors, optical tracking, speed cameras, in order to achieve the effectiveness of packaging machines, there are packages per minute from 1500 to 2000, high-speed hard candy pillow packaging machine. Chocolate speed pillow packing machine should be more cold air from the device and packaging film developed to match other aspects, in order to achieve high speed and does not affect the intrinsic quality chocolate products. In addition, chocolate packaging machine connected to the automatic steering belt, sorting, stop, speed has also been widely used. Secondly, non-standardized or seasonal products, packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. This type of equipment is not the pursuit of speed, but seek personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the distinctive packaging design can also cater to commodity competition, innovation, giving the visual impact of the effects, such as bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market, due to consumer psychology is more suitable for young people to improve after packaging, the products are very popular.


Products used in packaging technology also depends on characteristics of the product itself. In addition, candy, chocolate packaging forms should vary depending on the market, packaging technology with product characteristics should be. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then we should form an attractive package, upscale design, such as paper, wood or metal boxes are on the election. For the mass consumer products, packaging forms should be relatively simple, such as pillow bag packaging on popular favor businesses in the form of simple, mature technology, high packing efficiency, and inexpensive.



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