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Increasing Demand for Quality Candy, Candy Machine Need Innovation

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Increasing Demand for Quality Candy, Candy Machine Need Innovation

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New Year approaching, more couples get together and catch up with the new wedding day. Traditional Chinese wedding customs, the candy is an integral part of the new people in return, the survey data show that in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, led by several major cities, each year there will be more than 8 million pairs of couples get married , an average of 2000 yuan per couple candy budget calculations, candy market each year there are nearly 16 billion yuan of market share. Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, people greatly increased the demand for quality candy, confectionery industry development increasing hunger for candy machinery, food equipment and other technological innovations, but the level of development of the domestic confectionery equipment manufacturing industry has been unable to meet the candy manufacturers demand for new product development, equipment manufacturers need to have a big breakthrough, innovative solutions to large programs to support the development of the confectionery industry.

Huge market capacity

As in recent years, living conditions have improved, the quality of the candy people naturally have a certain requirement to improve safety at this time quality, quality guaranteed brand products began selling in the market.

  One pair of ordinary people in the survey can be clearly seen, ranked first in the rate of consumer choice is 3 yuan a bag of candy designs. 32.1% of consumers believe that candy designed to be the most appropriate three yuan a bag packaging; secondly is designed to 5 yuan a bag packaging, accounting for 21.4%; ranked third in the confectionery product design is thought to 2 yuan a bag the most suitable packaging, accounting for 14.3% rate of consumer choice, while believed confectionery products designed to more than 1 million, $ 4, 6 yuan and 7 per bag package most suitable for 8.0%, 8.0%, 7.3% and 8.9 %, a very low rate of consumer choice. The findings show that three yuan, 5 yuan and 2 yuan a bag of candy packaging consumer demand is the most appropriate.

Candy consumption requirements of scientific and technological innovation to improve the quality

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer demands for candy is also rising, began more

Plus focus on the intrinsic value of the product. Candy industry veteran left Delin believe that with the rapid development of the candy industry, capacity candy market are also increasing year by year. Compared to other provinces, consumers, weighed by pounds to buy candy in bulk, consumers tend to buy more southern regions Gift Box products. A gift box package 6-8 pieces of candy, there is candy, chocolate, hard candy, soft candy, etc., only beautifully packaged gift enough to express their opinion

Their joy, solemn gratitude.

In this context, many manufacturers focus on candy in mainstream channels but also began to consider a new business model, have set his sights wedding shop.


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