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Development of food machinery industry will be intelligent and automatic

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Development of food machinery industry will be intelligent and automatic

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Food Machinery as an important integral part of the food industry has ushered in the golden age of development after several years of development. Food machinery industry has become a real commodity related products, and as people's living standards improve, the development prospects of this industry has become even more broad. 


After three decades of development, China has become the food processing power, but because of the late start, the industrial base is not solid and other issues, China's food processing industry, there is a great shortage than abroad. Currently, the development of the world's advanced food machinery have shown mechanical, electrical, gas, liquid, light, magnetism,the production of high-efficiency, energy-saving products recyclable technology, high-tech and practical, intelligence has been  a trend, this should also be the main direction of development of China's food machinery industry, but also to the food processing power shift to pass. 


In fact, multiple sets of data show that the total amount of China's equipment manufacturing economy has been ranked first in the world for four consecutive years, especially construction machinery, mechanical and electrical products, machine tools, port facilities, shipbuilding and other industries. However, "Made in China" throughout the world, long thought to be low quality, low price, labor-intensive, high technology content is not synonymous. In the process of industrial development in 2014 after which, China will continue to promote the development of intelligent equipment industry. 


With the accelerating pace of social progress, the demand for automation is expanding to a wide range of areas from manufacturing engineering, social, and life. The original work in a structured environment automaton factory or industrial robots, suitable for large-scale, less flexible, and changes in the production environment, there is no excessive demands on the degree of intelligence, and automated machines in the broad areas of need, the To meet the different needs of different unstructured environment, you must have a comprehensive integrated and autonomous capability to integrate the technology is characterized by signs of intelligent robot development. 


Some time ago, Google has acquired a number of intelligent robotics and related technology companies, triggering widespread concern outside world. Its heavily pound intelligent robot industry, is to see the commanding heights of the future of technology and economic growth. At the same time, many domestic machinery manufacturers from developed intelligent network automation of food machinery, to promote the rapid development of the food industry intelligence. 


Since the robot was born, every person interested in it and want to have free dialogue robot one day , industry also needs highly intelligent industrial robots own the ability to do more work. In this case, the robot intelligence will be the future trend. 


 More than one kind of high-tech intelligent robot integration of body, it combines the knowledge of machinery, electronics, sensors, computer hardware and software, artificial intelligence, and many other disciplines, involving many of today's technology frontier. Same time, it is a typical automated machinery, is dedicated automatic machines, CNC machine extension and development. 


Currently  Intelligent robots has no unified definitions in the world, but most experts believe it has at least the following three elements: First, feel the elements for understanding the state of the environment; Second movement elements to react to external resistance action; Third, think about the elements, according to information obtained sensory elements, think about what kind of action the adoption. Experts pointed out that the recent development of intelligent robot technology along three directions autonomy, adaptability and intelligent communication. 


From the current point of view of the intelligent robot manufacturing company is divided into four blocks: the overall system solution business, digital workshops and production lines related to integration of enterprise automation equipment manufacturers, automation components business. From future development, R & D capability in the industry to stay ahead of the business is expected to continue to benefit. 


Also part of the integration of acquisitions by the industry if we can take advantage of a rising star in the traditional manufacturing industries, the rapid expansion of channels in the industry may also be staged Pretty Woman play, to achieve transformation. But the domestic robotics industry started late, low starting point, compared with mature foreign companies as well as large gap. 

Although the robot is still at a disadvantage domestic brands, domestic brands but still get the opportunity to intelligent robots in some areas. First, the need to combine the characteristics of the robot industry downstream industries, conducted a systematic integration of industrial applications throughout the robotics industry, the robot machine is only about 1/3, software development, systems integration accounts for about 2/3, while the robot downstream industry is vastly different, you need to have a deeper experience of the downstream industry, this is precisely the advantage of domestic enterprises. If the company can take advantage of an industry in the downstream, then over a period of time, can maintain its monopoly position, thus contributing to the continuation of the company's growth. 



IT era is the development of key talent, though, but adding intelligent robots to food processing labor-intensive industries such as the food industry has brought revolutionary changes. Industry experts believe that digital, networked, intelligent time has come, after the process of industrial development in 2014 among China's candy machinery equipment automation, intelligent technology forward a higher level of development. 

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