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Fast food industry to improve the accuracy of detection

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Fast food industry to improve the accuracy of detection

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Rapid detection equipment tends portable information 

Ten years ago, very little funding for the project in the rapid detection, rapid detection project now approved funding increase a lot, this study shows that our government is on the rapid detection of very great importance. Professional R & D team engaged in rapid detection of increasingly large and rapid detection technology development is very fast, domestic rapid detection kit of instruments and supporting technical level has been greatly improved, increasing variety, fully able to meet the domestic market demand. 

At present, China has some of the practical use of new technologies, but there are some new technologies are still in the laboratory research stage, the future will gradually realize the commercialization of instrument for wider application, meet more demand. 

Industry experts believe that more portable, a series of information, integration is the development direction of the rapid detection instrument. More portable, even to fit into a pocket, brought to the scene to conduct risk monitoring; into the series, such as for emergencies, major events security, daily supervision and monitoring, able to give a range of coping detection scheme; information is important, sent directly to the scene after confirmatory testing data to the laboratory, which is faster and more accurate guidance for further work; future will be more rapid integration testing instruments, such as the molecular imprinting technology, nano-biotechnology, bio-sensing technology, new materials, new technology, rapid detection instrument will have more room for development. 

Food safety rapid test has been into law 

Deputy Director of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration of a company Li family has said that "there is a rapid detection of legal status from the Food Safety Law and other relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of the food safety supervision department, especially grassroots regulatory authorities, the daily supervision of food safety the method to be used during the rapid detection, timely detection of problems and this point is clear.. "He also mentioned that, according to the results of the rapid detection of the relevant units and individuals for punishment, you also need to enact laws to further clarify. Secretary for Food and Drug Administration of three in the military that "the current domestic rapid detection products are widely used in government departments, but no policy on which department or rapid detection of product quality specifications." In this regard, the Secretary-General of the national focus on product quality control testing methods Standardization Technical Committee Yin Jianjun that "going to build 'national focus on product quality control testing methods Standardization Technical Committee on Food Safety Working Group specialized rapid test methods', whose main work is to develop food safe and fast test method validation specification comparison. accordingly, screening methods for rapid detection and abroad, and will form a good method for rapid detection standards. "

(From Food Machinery Industry Network)

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