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UK packaging machinery industry trends

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UK packaging machinery industry trends

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2013 One of the important events that happened in the UK climate patterns change, and the resulting impact on crop yields various products and packaging. Vagaries of the weather mean, packaging companies need to ensure the normal operation of the device in time and number of products produced by these devices in certain peak periods, fluctuations in market demand for timely response and handling. In the case of Chinese enterprises are facing different packaging, packaging companies in the UK this situation, often in a very short period of time had to transform production lines and improve packaging machinery to meet the changing needs of the packaging market users. 

2013 market demand for high-capacity packaging indirectly promote the rise of innovation-oriented packaging trends. After years after the Depression, although still cost-conscious consumers, but we can already see that they began to clear the whole year for new ideas and new designs pursuit. 

Promote innovation 

In response, the company launched a survey on the 22nd Kent Fruit Show, asking manufacturers, packers and growers, packaging suppliers need to how to make it possible to help them provide extended performance. 

Taking into account the pressure on the industry, we can easily guess what the answer would be. Interestingly, the answer is not the climate, nor is it a low-cost, but innovation. 

Almost 1/3 (32%) of respondents believe that the packaging business through innovation support fruit industry is very important. When asked specifically how to innovation, the answer including the extension of shelf life, and through creative packaging design innovation to help retailers and producers to become the industry leader. 

Innovative packaging is not surprising that such an important position. By packaging design, increased functionality, and the establishment of logistics systems, which can help enterprises improve the overall status and address other related issues such as recycling packaging and low cost - these challenges are overcome can be used innovative packaging. 

Survival of the fittest 

I think "innovation" will run through the whole year 2014. Clearly, consumers eager to see new, creative ideas, and a different shelf presentation. 

However, we are still in a recession and currency market tightening state packaging business to survive you have to continuously improve productivity. 

Environmental Impact 

To reduce the impact of industry on the environment, it is necessary to gradually reduce the number of landfill and carbon emissions. UK companies through technological innovation has been able to develop with a simple flat basket made of PET materials and the use of new packaging after losing, they are easily recyclable. 

In this way, we can produce low-cost high-quality packaging products. Over the past three years, the packaging costs decreased in the quality of the same circumstances, to reduce costs, only to develop new ideas to improve production efficiency such a way. 

For consumers, they are considered more attractive packaging and convenience of two elements. Correctly handle the relationship between the two will help to attract consumers to buy packaging. However, innovation is not simply designed to enhance shelf appeal. From the perspective of growers and packaging company, to meet the different needs of people through the packaging is the key to ensure that product market competitiveness. 

Food waste 

2014, food waste is the focus of special attention. WRAP recent report on waste and resource plans funded by the British government stated that the British equivalent to the average weekly 6 meals discarded food. 

In 2014, the waste will become a hot topic related to the same time, we will see more manufacturers in the packaging design emphasizes the shelf life cycle, the purpose is to reduce food waste, especially when consumers want the products they buy when a longer shelf life. Therefore, the challenge of packaging machinery industry in 2014 to face is how to get consumers to understand the important role of packaging and packaging materials in the preservation and protection products play. 

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