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Food packaging machinery must use technology to enter the international market

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Food packaging machinery must use technology to enter the international market

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Development of food packaging machinery industry rose steadily, however, chaos will occur during the development of the industry also can not be ignored. Because the Chinese market is large enough, the different hierarchy of needs, the low-end products in the Chinese market equally. Overall, China's packaging industry is now faced with the following main issues. 


First, the lack of industry standards. Domestic market in low-end products of different quality, domestic and foreign packaging machinery packaging machine there is a big gap. Although the product features the same, but the accuracy, reliability, longevity gap is large. The main reason for this problem is that countries do not have a standard to define the quality of the packaging industry should be said to what extent. Has two decades of development history of packaging machinery industry, there has been no clear industry standard itself, can only refer to other relevant industry standards. 


The cause of lack of industry standards as well as industry started late, blind development. "Regarding the development of food packaging materials cleanup work," was issued by the Ministry of Health in the original 2009 document. The absence of standards and regulations to clean up the product, process, and issued a "new varieties of food-related products administrative licensing regulations," the notice, not the existing laws and regulations within the standard range of materials can be used to conduct administrative licensing declaration. The first release of the 107 kinds of substances, have also released the 301 kinds, the third release of three kinds, the fourth release of 258 kinds, together with the existing GB9685, a total of 1628 kinds of permitted additives and materials. We now have more than 5,000 national food standards during the update, the update is in progress, in which the packaging material is probably related to more than 400. National policy has been followed by the industry in the walk, which is an unhealthy development. 


China's packaging machinery rely on price advantage in foreign markets does occupy a certain share. However, China's packaging industry in order to get out to do good, to have a prohibited industry standards and steady development of the mind, so as to better develop the domestic market, while opening up foreign markets. 


Secondly, the lack of awareness of innovation, many small and medium enterprises in the industry, many companies simply adopt "ism", by copying the market-leading products to seize the market price war mode. But companies do not have their own core technology, we can imagine how the future development. Under the economic crisis facing the closure of numerous small and medium enterprises, which also lacks innovative companies sounded the alarm. 


Finally, the industry foundation is weak, a lot of sophisticated products of domestic enterprises do not come, because the domestic non-precision equipment, no material, lack of talent, so the Chinese people to do the machines are exotic. Although some parts of domestic enterprises part to do, but can not reach the level of foreign competition. 


food packaging machinery to fully occupy the domestic market demand of food, access to international markets, we must be armed with the technology, first-class technology coupled with perfect service, only by improving the user's experience of the industry, and its core technology R & D , independent innovation, in order to truly attract domestic and foreign customers.        

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