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Food Machinery export potential mechanical steady export

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Food Machinery export potential mechanical steady export

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China's machinery industry in the economy is the main problem remains the lack of demand and new innovations such as weak capacity. In particular, the overall situation of deepening reform of this machinery enterprises subjective response capabilities will put forward higher requirements, differentiated Chinese machinery enterprises will be further intensified the pace of mergers and reorganization of enterprises will continue to accelerate. Expects sales and profit growth of China's machinery industry will reach about 12%.


My Government has issued a number of fiscal and financial policies, especially for small and micro enterprises to provide a number of concessions; actively support enhanced cross-border investment management capacity; further promote cross-border use of RMB; vigorously develop export credit insurance, encourage enterprises to carry out foreign Trade and "going out" to provide investment, operational, labor and other aspects of a package of insurance services. These are favorable conditions for further expansion of exports.


However, due to the labor required for the production of business, finance, environmental protection and other input prices rise, and the expectation of RMB appreciation, export enterprises operating costs continue to rise, and because some countries have adopted anti-dumping, countervailing and other trade protection measures, resulting in export business expand exports brought many difficulties.


Based on the above analysis, the Import and Export of Machinery Industry 2014 will be better than 2013. Imports will continue to be slow growth; exports in early 2013 due to the high base in the first quarter export growth is limited, may rise month on month to year, throughout the year may grow by about 8%.


Although the Chinese machinery products currently exist certain international comparative advantages, but many years of sustained export growth has led to an increasingly intense trade friction. Coupled with rising RMB exchange rate weakened competitiveness, further expansion this year, Chinese exports of machinery products is increasing difficulty.


China's machinery industry in the transformation and upgrading of the continuation conducted structural adjustment efforts to defuse some of the products capacity serious process, has made new progress; has an advantage in the international market competition, the product will continue to expand; "going out" foreign investment, expand international Management has made new achievements.


China's food machinery exports increased surplus


2014, agricultural modernization and urbanization progresses, will provide a better basis for protection and market space food industry, the food industry is expected to further optimize the product structure, the quality of industrial development will be further enhanced. China's food machinery exports has great potential in the future. Industry analysts pointed out that the industry's future, ASEAN countries food processing and packaging machinery demand will increase further.


By 2015, China's food processing equipment and packaging machinery industry output value is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate maintained at 16% level, and we can see that China's food machinery export potential in the future.

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