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Accelerate the packaging machinery to further develop domestic and international markets

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Accelerate the packaging machinery to further develop domestic and international markets

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As in many areas of the national economy supporting industries, packaging machinery industry to benefit from the prosperity of other industries, according to Champoux Consulting released the "2013-2017 China Packaging equipment (Packaging Machinery) market research report" shows: benefit from the development of other industries , China's packaging machinery  industry has great potential for development, technological progress and its ancillary services can also be counterproductive in other industries. At present, China's packaging machinery industry to grow about 16% annually, the future direction of development are:

First, the market demand for production-oriented. With the development of modern society, the demand for the product packaging is increasing, more and more personalized, packaging machinery enterprises must seize market trends, customer satisfaction produce packaging products.

Second, the higher the adaptability of the product changes. Due to packaging machinery product life cycle is much shorter than the useful life of equipment, expensive packaging production line must be allowed within a certain size range of packaging size can be changed to accommodate the frequent changes in the product.

Third, the technology has become a key element of business competition to win. Currently, the world's most advanced packaging machinery development has emerged in mechanical, electrical, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, as the momentum of one of the students, the production of high-efficiency, energy-saving products of recyclable, high-tech and practical, intelligence has into a trend, this should also be the main direction of development of China's packaging machinery industry.

It is imperative to change the situation as soon as possible low-tech, learn foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency and low consumption, production and marketing LO packaging equipment, packaging machinery  to accelerate the upgrading and further develop domestic and international markets.

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