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Automation packaging technology to increase the role of packaging technology

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Automation packaging technology to increase the role of packaging technology

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  With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, a variety of pharmaceuticals, processed foods appear on packaging and packaging machinery technology have raised new challenges, packaging automation technology plays an increasingly important role in the circulation areas.


    Flexible packaging machinery performance and flexibility as follows:


    1, the amount of respect. Not only can pack a single product, but also the packaging of different quantities of products.


    2, the construction aspects. The entire device using units and replace it with one or a few, you can also adapt to product changes.


    3, the supply side. Like candy packaging machine, on a common basis, can be combined in different units, three feeding ports, four different folding packaging, packaging machine can simultaneously Duozan different kinds of candy. After the operation of multiple robots from a video camera surveillance and command, according to instructions in different ways for different types of candy wrappers. If the product is different, you can reset the camera program, thus making the device has good flexibility and agility.

 There are two characteristics of automation technology in the packaging machinery automation design:


    A separate computer-controlled robotic packaging machinery alone complex packaging actions need to be completed with multiple robots. Camera uptake under computer control information and monitor the work of feelings robot manipulator according to program instructions to complete the specified action to ensure the quality of packaging and packaging is completed.


    2, it is possible to distinguish the height and thickness of the material of the human eye can not easily distinguish the packaging process of packaging material used and the thickness of the material, so the packaging machine design is often resolved by the camera and the detector material and the thickness of the computer under control of the packaging material occurs in the process of changes. The camera can examine and identify the camera's self-image, and displayed on the screen.


    People's increasing requirements for packaging machinery, good flexibility and agility have become a packaging machine design to achieve the goal of automation technology can be perfect to achieve this requirement. Packaging machinery to both good flexibility, agility and high automation, etc., must make extensive use of the microcomputer, modules and modular.

    Packaging Automation technology trend is moving in the following: Structural design standardization, modularity full advantage of the modular design of the original model, the new models can be converted in a short time.

Increasingly competitive packaging machinery, packaging machinery to meet future trends in industrial automation, and promote the overall level of packaging equipment to improve and develop multi-functional, high-efficiency, low consumption of packaging equipment.

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