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Vacuum vertical packaging machine must be automation

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Vacuum vertical packaging machine must be automation

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 In China, packaging machinery starts late, but the industry rapid develop, arise from the reasons for the Chinese market because of its huge demand. Today, China's packaging machinery industry has shrunk, its level of development is also close to the international degree in gradually, and it is still always to enhance scientific and technological content. vacuum vertical packaging machine is achieved unprecedented development.

        Vertical vacuum packaging machine is a plastic foil or plastic film for packaging materials, liquid, solid, powder paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, medicine, electronics, precision instruments, precious metals, etc. vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging items can prevent oxidation, mildew, insects, decay, moisture and prolong shelf-life preservation period. Especially suitable for tea, food, medicine, shops, research institutions and other industries, with good looks, compact, high efficiency, easy operation.

        vacuum vertical packaging machine is an inevitable move towards automation. It is understood that vertical packaging machine applications in everyday life is very widely applicable to all types of powders, granules, tablets and other items of packaging. Vertical packaging machine and other packaging machine is a unique place compared to the largest packaging materials for cylinder disposed inside the bag, a bag with materials for filling from top to bottom in the vertical direction.

       Driven by technology, people developed an automatic vertical filling the vacuum packaging machine. It is reported that the aircraft take off on a vacuum packaging machine is a revolutionary creation of a vacuum chamber without the vacuum chamber vacuum packaging, no pre-made bags. Able to complete the one-time continuous automatic packaging process, scheduled by the computer according to program control, high level of automation. The whole system compact structure, stable performance using a standardized, modular design, high level of intelligence and automation, while the appearance of beautiful, comparable with imported machines.

       In order to better adapt to social development, and meet the needs of market development, vacuum vertical packaging machine must be toward the direction of  automation  development, and only continuous improvement in order can achieve sustained development. (From China Pharmaceutical Network)

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