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2014 Dusseldorf Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials And Confectionery Machinery Exhibition

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2014 Dusseldorf Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials And Confectionery Machinery Exhibition

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2014 Dusseldorf packaging machinery, packaging materials and confectionery machinery exhibition

Show time: three years of 2014-05-08 ~ 2014-05-08

In the pavilion: Germany, Dusseldorf exhibition center

In the pavilion: Europe Germany

The pavilion address: Germany, Dusseldorf exhibition center

Industry: printing, packaging, paper


"Show time"

On May 8 to 14, 2014

"Exhibition site"

Germany, Dusseldorf exhibition center

"The organizers"

Dusseldorf exhibition company

【 】 exhibition cycle

The three years

Hangzhou ding Xin Chinese sponsor/undertaking unit 】 【 exhibition co., LTD. (network support 21 food)

【 show introduction 】

Dusseldorf international packaging machinery, packaging materials and confectionery machinery exhibition is sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition organization, every three years, is the world's largest and one of the most biggest influence and one of the professional packaging exhibition. Dusseldorf packaging exhibition shows application industry users of food, medicine, cosmetics and confectionery, innovative solutions and new packaging products packaging industry a full range of services. Dusseldorf personalized exhibits a comprehensive packaging exhibition to display from the packaging materials to a full range of packaging solutions of the most representative innovation BBS and the most comprehensive platform, to provide you with a new dynamic understanding international packaging market, open up the European packaging market is the ideal space.

"The last review"

Exhibitor: more than 2700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions

Professional visitors: 166000 people, including international buyers up to 100000 people, more than 60%

The number of exhibitors: 146

Show satisfaction survey: 94% thought the exhibition was very successful and is very satisfied with the effect of the exhibition, 89.6% expect fair ends more orders, more than two-thirds of the audience for the decision-making management personnel, 98% of the audience to show high marks.

"Market analysis"

Global packaging machinery demand is growing at 5.3% a year, to $29 billion in 2005, among them, the European market potential is tremendous, by 2007, the gross packaging machinery market in Europe is expected to grow from $2000 in 4.6 billion to $6.5 billion. The German packaging machinery in such aspects as design, manufacturing, technical performance in the lead. European packaging machinery for the German production, 70% of its output 77% export, 29% of the world's packaging machinery export market, Germany's main export packaging machinery market in order to the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia, with their 85% of the German packaging machinery quota ranks first in the world.

China is a major exporter of German packaging machinery, especially in food processing and packaging machinery. German packaging machinery remain the state of steady growth over the years, it has two characteristics: one is the absolute amount; 2 it is relative high, export proportion accounted for 80% of Germany's packaging machinery, is the world's largest exporters of packaging machinery.

And current, technology and quality of the machinery of our country cannot meet the demand, only 25% of the enterprises to upgrade technology introduction and reconstruction, 75% is still in the backward manual and half mechanization processing, to introduce the foreign advanced technology and equipment, at the same time, introduced in the 80 s first imported high equipment are already outdated equipment, need to import a large number of high quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery, as the world's largest and strongest packaging exhibition -- -- -- -- -- Dusseldorf, will provide you with an understanding of the new dynamic packaging market, the ideal platform to exploit the European packaging market.

Cardiac exhibition range

Exhibits range 】 【

All kinds of packaging machinery and accessories, packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging tools and auxiliary equipment,candy packaging machinery and packaging equipment, packaging, etc.;

Packaging materials: paper and paperboard products, soft plastic products, molded plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, and wood packaging materials, export packaging, packaging auxiliary hybrid packaging materials, devices and security help auxiliary, mark and label, antioxidants and desiccant, filling materials, sealing materials and sealing auxiliary materials, packing belt, mixed auxiliary;

Packaging machinery, paper, cardboard, corrugated paper products packaging, soft plastic packing, molded plastic packaging, metal products, glass, ceramic products packaging processing machinery, machine, mixed charging filling machine and machine accessories, machinery and tools, candy packaging machinery equipment;

Tags: labels and packaging printers, label making machine, marking tools;

Monitoring test: image analysis system, the test grade, metal detectors, test system and monitoring system of hybrid packaging.

Derive the exhibition scale

Exhibitors previous review 】 【 : more than 2700 exhibitors, from more than 60 countries and regions Professional visitors: 166000 people, including international buyers up to 100000 people, more than 60% The number of exhibitors: 146

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