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Ready to break the xiamen machinery industry to face difficulties Development of industrial cluster

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Ready to break the xiamen machinery industry to face difficulties Development of industrial cluster

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Ready to break the xiamen machinery industry to face difficulties Development of industrial cluster

At the end of the year people always think about the past, and at the beginning of the New Year is always thinking about the future. Under the new internal and external environment, transformation and upgrading of China's economy will soon celebrate the big test. 2014 is the transformation and upgrading breakthrough year, xiamen machinery industry should be how to meet the test?

Recently, machinery industry federation held in xiamen city in fujian province "to seek improvement in stability, speed up the transformation and upgrading symposium", from xiamen machinery industry more than 20 entrepreneurs on the New Year the development of mechanical industry situation has made the thorough discussion.

From the "quantity" to "qualitative change" to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the industry

Despite the statistics show that China's manufacturing industry accounts for 19.8% of the world, the world's highest. But on the one hand, almost all visible industry overcapacity problems; On the other hand, the lack of independent innovation, rely heavily on the stronghold, is characteristic of China's manufacturing industry, in terms of labor productivity, research and development strength is still poor.

Industrial salvation slogan has been for many years, the development of national industry has been the foundation of the development of the economy. Mansion, director of Luo Jiafu ship heavy industry with "thing take arranges" to describe the importance of the development of shipping industry to the economy. He said: "a rough estimate, the third ship companies have closed, and a third was dying, there is a third boom. Fujian mostly belongs to the emerging enterprises, it depends on the sustainable development is the transformation and upgrading of." The next director with proud about, mansion ship heavy industry last year won 8 has 8500 parking Spaces for roro ship the order. "The series of bulk ship will be delivered starting in 2015, is currently the world's largest and most advanced car carrier, mansion ship heavy industry holds the most difficult in this field of technology, and therefore stands on the top of the world."

Shrinking market, rising labor costs, raw material prices, taxes, credit transaction costs high. There are talent problems, financial problems, overcapacity problem... Intertwined, when these problems will be reversed transmission mechanism, so can't just as big in the Chinese economy, it must be the transformation and upgrading, from the "quantity" to "qualitative change", to do fine and stronger. In the future, high-end will rise. But, for now, the enterprise to find business opportunities in the historical process of transformation and upgrading. Promote the transformation of economy, must therefore rely firmly on innovation drive.

This is a great age of social transformation, is the key of China into the modern period, in the next few years, China's economic development will be around transformation and upgrading, all of the policy, will enhance the economy more intrinsic vitality, adjust the economic structure. Policy in the next few years will become more and more conducive to industrial development, industry must rely on policy, attaches great importance to the docking technology, strengthening the technology research and development of enterprises and realize the transformation and upgrading. But the transformation and upgrading can not only rely on the government policies to promote, xiamen Zhang Kejun mould association secretary-general, said: "on the protection of the government, the fundamental way to not live enterprise under the wings of the enterprise basic outlet lies in innovation, new technology, new products, reduce the cost and benefits of natural is significant."

Innovation driven, talented person first

Innovation, which has been put forward for many years, but China's economic innovation ability have always been a.

On March 5, the 12th session of the second session of the National People's Congress at the great hall of the people, the state council premier li keqiang said in his government work report: "this year, we will with innovation support and lead economic structure optimization and upgrading. The innovation of core position, on the national development and global, to promote science and technology closely integrated with economic and social development, promote the industry to the global value chain of high-end jumped... the implementation of talent development planning, overall planning of major engineering talents, encourage enterprises to set up the mechanism of r&d staff remuneration and market performance, the contribution of the talent match the return, for all kinds of talents to stand out, men, reconsider."

"In one hundred, education for this." For the central core position, the innovation on the national development and global participants are agreed. Xiamen jinlong joint automotive company Wu Xin armoured of mechanic of supply and demand gap "tremendous" particularly deep feelings. And he said: "no matter how staff technology level, the job is hard. Young people personality is very strong, staff liquidity is very big also, which make it extremely difficult to training, etc." He expressed his expectation, technological upgrading but at the same time stressed that the technological upgrading is not a very lucrative, enterprises need to combined with external forces, more needs its own efforts.

"After 90 young people would not like to do research and development, to make sales, want to make money, want to buy a house, whether hardware or software talents, not after the precipitation of time, always not competitive, doesn't have the talent to do research and development of enterprise, no advanced technology and how to compete with foreign advanced?" Framingham electrical bosses have experience greatly, "spell GDP, spell production, couldn't spell the absolute competitive." Tell him the truth, transformation and upgrading should start from the people. "Cultivating talents, to solve the trouble back at home of the younger generation (house, children education, etc.), create young meditation work environment, with industry need to influence government decision-making, then affect education."

Chairman Mr. Yin hua machinery particularly optimistic about the future of the industry, he said: "in the future, the equipment manufacturing industry can no longer rely on the government investment, but there is some chance." When it comes to transformation and upgrading, wang especially emphasized the "quality" and "talent" two aspects. Dealing with customers, he says, that he deeply realized that when the price and quality firefight, are talking about quality, little about prices. And lack of talent, but he deeply realized that "countries in terms of foundation construction of talent to make a difference." He said, as long as you have a contact with foreign enterprises, it is easy to find, Chinese employees' skills and manufacturing such as Japan, Korea, Germany, the United States advanced countries the gap is too big, it is also spending money can't buy. Because of different management, system and mechanism is different, nature is big gap between the employees, the same machine also could not build with quality products.

Skilled talents is the protection of the normal operation of entity enterprise production system and the quality of the products the most key and core strength. Why young people are not willing to solid learning skills, when the mechanic? In reporter opinion, this is youth ideal change. Today, when it comes to the ideal, already became the ache of the society. Today's society, some temptation and floating noise kept throwing bait to people, let people to capture, without any reason to go to catch up. In this case, how can insist the young meditation r&d?

The slowdown is not only beneficial to mechanical industry "squeeze moisture, adjust structure, grasp the innovation", also is enterprise to carry out the innovation strategy, the opportunity to grasp product innovation initiative, but the premise is to must first cultivate talent. Now, our labor structural gap at both ends, is a high-end talent, is a highly skilled talents. Once China by Labour power into "the mechanic power", China's capacity for independent innovation will be growing.

Highlight the bibcock, development of industrial clusters

On January 28, 2014, according to the fujian provincial party committee, provincial government's unified deployment, around grasp the leading industry, to speed up the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, the drawing up the fujian provincial people's government in 2014 ~ 2015 the province's industrial transformation and upgrading action plan and implementation plan. Scheme, points out that earnestly implement industry promotion plan implementation plan, to 2015, the leading enterprises advocate business wu income exceeds 10 billion yuan of 80 enterprises, 10 enterprises more than 50 billion yuan, including 2014, 60 and six respectively; Enter the "China top 500 enterprises" strive to up to 15, including 10 of 2014.

Means of development has become the industry consensus. Zhang Kejun said: "enterprise must not go it alone, and large enterprises to play a leading role. Two heads are better than one, different enterprises should learn to cooperation and resources sharing can reduce capital investment, enterprises need to common development and progress." Xiamen jinlong joint automotive industry co., LTD Wu Xin armoured, the deputy general manager of the division of bearing the agrees.

Emphasis on combing ", "technology", encourage enterprises to strengthen industrial chain upstream and downstream cooperation, sharing a batch of research and development center, engineering center, promote collaborative innovation ability. Prominent in high-end equipment, and key materials, basic components, and other areas of the core, to promote enterprise in fujian province and the state, colleges and universities and research institutes, joint development of key core technologies. In his remarks in fujian province, honorary President of mechanical coupling WengYunLei emphasized: "single mechanical industry development is difficult, to form a cluster."

To strengthen the financial service for the real economy

Industrial development. Industry is the foundation of economic development, is fundamental to a country's economy in an impregnable position. Today the wind is not, however, in the real economy, China's manufacturing advantage is gradually weakened. After the four trillion yuan stimulus package, as money contraction, the entity economy, entity enterprise loans more and more difficult, has become entrepreneurs overall feeling. This situation is not conducive to enterprise development, to strengthen the financial support for the real economy.

The mansion industry co chairman xu made analysis from the overall situation: "machinery industry in the past two years into the winter. Now, social capital in the financial, real estate, high profit industry concentration. It is dangerous to the economy. The decline in manufacturing, to learn the United States, for manufacturing cause enough attention, need financial, real estate, service feedback. Now on the rise of manufacturing in the United States, and China's winter is not over."

Party after 18 large, continuous signal that the market-oriented reform, entrepreneurs have great expectations, hopes the financial reform can bring the Gospel to industrial development.

If only a word summarized the Chinese economy over the past year, "steady" words should be chosen; And this year as "change". But the participants think that "change" also cannot be rushed. In 2014, xiamen machinery industry to yong when hercynian machinery industry lead soldier, seize the historical opportunity, with the help of various aspects of power, realize the transformation and upgrading of the new span.

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