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Solving measures to three big problems for using packaging machinery

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Solving measures to three big problems for using packaging machinery

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Solving measures to  three big problems for using packaging machinery  

The main working procedure of the packaging process, including filling, wrapping package and so on.  and the relevant process, such as clean, stacking and removing. In addition, the package also includes measuring or stamp on the package process. Using mechanical packing product can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the  mass production, and meet the requirements of clean sanitation. Packaging machinery has a variety of classification method. It can be divided into single-use packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine according to the function; Also can be divided into the inner packaging machine and packaging machine according to the purpose ;  Packaging can be divided into special packing machine and general packaging machine according to the varieties; or divided into half automata and automata according to the automation level , etc.

Mainly introducing the following:

A, Why shrinking machine, heating up slowly even can't rise to high temperature (above 160 degrees Celsius) ?

The heater circuit is the main power cord through a vacuum magnetic switch to electric heat pipe, so should  first  check different vacuum magnetic switch contact is normal. If the line does not through one of the phase, can appear the above phenomenon. If  absorption magnetic switch can be normal, can check meters, look at each phase and the machines of ohmic are the same value . If normal should be short circuit. As each phase are connected lines or electric heat pipe still abnormal, needs to replace the heater.

Second, the equipment membrane material easy shift at work and unable to feed how to adjust?

A: Encountered in devices such as membrane material, adjusted tension roller position and balance beam were invalid cases, can be adjusted through the Angle of the triangle to solve this problem. Deviating from the clip material chain such as the upper membrane, can adjust  on the triangle clockwise ; The following membrane deviating from the clip material chain, can adjust the triangle to counterclockwise.

Three, packing of 6 bottles of cluster, magic eye cannot detect packaging, machine work easy to cut to the packaging, how should adjust?

Answer: a cluster of each bottle packaging clearance affects the detection of electric eye, then level can be magic eye detection Angle adjustment for bevel. Adjusted may reduce the risk of electric eye to detect packaging clearance, to avoid disorderly cut phenomenon arising from the work.

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