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Drying equipment industry

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Drying equipment industry

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Our drying equipment industry has entered a more mature phase , can better meet the actual needs of users in various fields. Green vacuum drying equipment, pharmaceutical drying application of increasingly widespread. Vacuum drying equipment demand for larger size will gradually increase , the market prospects are very large.

Insiders pointed out that the domestic food processing equipment business has accelerated research vacuum drying technology, but at this stage , our revolution has not yet succeeded vacuum dryer . Innovation capacity vacuum drying equipment manufacturing enterprises is generally low , it is possible to introduce new technologies with independent intellectual property rights , the new products business pitiful, resulting in slow drying technology development. Knowledge of the results did not effectively translated into practical productive forces , currently drying equipment research and development and innovation in the field of technology, rely mainly on universities and research institutes , as out of touch with the business , knowledge of the results is difficult to translate into effective business productivity .

Drying Equipment : Innovation is the main policy support is guaranteed. According drying equipment development plan requirements, domestic drying equipment accounted for more than 50% of the domestic market demand, features fully furnished, self-sufficiency rate of 60 %, with independent intellectual property rights system of total production accounted for drying equipment 75% to 2015 . Our vacuum drying equipment revolution has not yet succeeded .

At present, the domestic sales of drying equipment , drying equipment budget accounts for about 50 %, to meet the domestic market demand ; universal drying equipment accounts for about 45% , to achieve large-scale production ; senior -type drying equipment accounts for about 5% varieties greatly increased ; economical drying equipment to achieve bulk export capabilities , universal drying equipment and gradually expand exports , advanced type drying equipment exports breakthrough.

Experts said drying equipment industry development and progress , to some extent changed the public perception of the social and industrial machinery, equipment manufacturing and certain traditional values , promoting social progress . Therefore , to promote the importance of advancing drying equipment , drying equipment and promote the progress we must increase efforts to improve and innovate .

The key features to achieve industrialization and lay the foundation for drying equipment upgrades ; develop high-precision digital measuring instruments and tools for supporting senior drying equipment ; implement advanced type drying equipment demonstration projects to meet the needs of key national projects .

Enterprises should be the mainstay of technological innovation , should be connected with universities and research institutes in various forms joint , so that a reasonable allocation of resources and utilization , effectively nurture and develop the ability to innovate ; should continue to reform and opening up policy , to widely introducing and absorbing ; new capabilities are introduced to manage, to expand trade and technology combine to accelerate innovation.

China drying equipment industry will face an epoch-making development, policy support is to protect , and the enterprises should seize the opportunity to support innovation and policy, to comply with the development trend of the times and the market . (From China Food Machinery Network )

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