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  • The Peanut Nougat Insect Causes And Prevention Measures

    Peanut nougat insect causes and prevention measures to explore the peanut nougat is moderate inflatable candy, due to add the nuts in the candy, effectively re...
    release time:2018-04-02   

  • Chinas packaging machinery industry international development

    China'spackaging machinerystarted late in 1990, has not yet formed a complete industrial system, the "Ninth Five-Year" plan, the rapid development...
    release time:2018-04-02   

  • Candy molding machine in the candy machine

    Candy molding machine is a kind of simple structure, good performance, easy operation, high efficiency of hard candy production equipment, the machine is availa...
    release time:2018-03-30   

  • Chocolate Producing Method

    A, making chocolate raw materialsIn the supermarket, we can see all kinds of chocolate packaging jing jing. So how they are made out to?Making chocola...
    release time:2018-03-30   

  • Whole Wheat Flour And The Fortified Flour

    With fortified flour baking bread, volume and other bakery products quality of a material soft and easier to digest. But compared with whole wheat flour, whole ...
    release time:2018-03-30   

  • DIY Baking Hot In Beijing

    Most of the time, baking is not only to eat, but to enjoy the wonderful feeling of this process baking brings us. In recent years, along with the expansion of h...
    release time:2018-03-29   

  • The Main Direction In The Tuture Development Of Chinas Packaging Machinery

    Packaging machinery industry development in our country started relatively late compared with abroad but has developed very rapidly in recent years .Thoughstill...
    release time:2018-03-29   

  • Italian Cheese Cake

    Baking ingredientsA. cream cheese tower 2000 gA. south Korean young sugar 400 gB. the yolk 320 gB. water (200 g), 400 g fresh syrupC. David gelatine powder (750...
    release time:2018-03-29   

  • We Sincerely Invite You To Participate In The 2014 Spring Chengdu Sugar Party

    Jiangsu Haitel Machinery co., LTD is a professional comapny of the chocolate candy | | baking food processing and packaging machinery equipm...
    release time:2018-03-28   

  • The future of the history of candy and candy machine

    Candy mechanization development in China is later than abroad for decades, but the domestic confectionery machinery development is really amazing fast, with som...
    release time:2018-03-27   

  • Egg Roll Machine

    Overview of egg roll machine, roll machine is the current popular food consumption market selling - egg flower cake (cone) of the most ideal processing equipmen...
    release time:2018-03-27   

  • Increasing Demand for Quality Candy, Candy Machine Need Innovation

    New Year approaching, more couples get together and catch up with the new wedding day. Traditional Chinese wedding customs, the candy is an integral part of the...
    release time:2018-03-27   

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