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HTL-TTW300 Continuously Chocolate Tempering Machine

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HTL-TTW300 Continuously Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Detailed introduction

HTL-TTW300 Continuously Chocolate Tempering Machine

This machine is the important equipment in chocolate making,it is mainly used for the required temperature tempering process stages. It consists of thermostat centers, cold and hot water circulation piping system, including temperature sensors, solenoid valves, refrigeration, heating and control systems, including the cabinet composition. 

The machine computer control center for the vertical screw-shaped stepless thermostat, pump continuously sent by the chocolate into the center of the thermostat, make it even sent chocolate syrup, chocolate production process according to the requirements of precise regulation of chocolate tempering temperature of each segment in the center, in order to ensure the release of chocolate, and better stability of the crystalline quality of the chocolate to improve product quality.

Chocolate tempering in machine is Important equipment in chocolate making. It precisely controls the chocolate temperature to make sure The quality of chocolate and demoulding.

Main Technical Parameters:

Main machine power

1.5 Kw

Hot water pump

95 w

Electric heating power

3 kw

Chocolate syrup pressure

2 bar

Water pressure

2-3 bar

Refrigerating power

3 kw

Overall size


Total power

7.6 kw

technical data:

Main machine power: 1.5Kw
Hot water pump: 95w
Electric heating power: 3kw
Chocolate syrup pressure: 2bar
Water pressure: 2-3bar
Refrigerating power: 3kw
Overall size: 750*900*1800
Total power: 7.6kw

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