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HTL-T888A/B Grain(Oatmeal)Chocolate Production Line

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HTL-T888A/B Grain(Oatmeal)Chocolate Production Line

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Detailed introduction

HTL-T888A/B Grain(Oatmeal)Chocolate Production Line

1. This production line has 12 national patents; it has the capacity (400kg/hour) in China. And it needs the smallest place (Length 28.5m * Width 8m = 228 m²). The whole production line only needs 1-2 people. Electric supply: 3 phases, 380V.Total power: 150 KW.
2. This machine suits chocolate, oatmeal, millet, peanut, nut, and any other granule particle mixed for the forming production of the coarse grains of sugar. It has the best sales volume at home and abroad, it is one kind of the most popular snacks in the world.
3. The equipments of the whole production line are including:
Sugar grinding machine, Oil melting pan, Chocolate conche, Holding tank, Oats transport machine, Oats chocolate forming machine unit, Finished products elevator, Transportation and allocation machine, Full automatic packing machine, Conveyor, Elevator and Automatic weighting packing machine. 


This machine suits chocolate,oatmeal,millet,peanut,nutlets and any granule particle mixed for the forming production of the coarse grains of sugar.

The main property and characteristics

1.With PLC control,and the high quality inverter; convenient speed adjustment,stable performance.
2.More than 10 different products' parameters can be deposited in,just one click can change the product,the parameters can also be changed dynamically during the process of the operation.
3.The part of machine is of stainless steel,precision rotor pump to inject the materials,more stable and easier to clean,accord with the food hygienic standard.

4.The chocolate transfer and mixing temperature are controlled by the constant temperature control device,this device can stabilize the constant temperature of the chocolate paste.

5.Automatic alarm device,remind the fault,chocolate the material is low,etc.

6.Direct molding,without rework and loss.

7.Automatic feeding,automatic leveling,automatic cooling,automatic ejection,large output,high efficiency,no manual.

8.The whole machine for mechanical transmission,very accurate position,molding mold close cooperation,the forming effect is good and beautiful.

9. Change mould is very quick, easy to change over the main.


Main technical parameters


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