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Candy Bars and Cereal Bars Production Line Flow chart

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Candy Bars and Cereal Bars Production Line Flow chart

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Detailed introduction

Candy Bars and Cereal Bars Production Line Flowchart



Can reach 500kg/hr

Power Supply

90 kw  380 V

Steam Supply

0.2~0.8 Mpa 500KG/HR kw 200V/380 V

Compress air Supply

0.6Mpa 1.2m³/min

Working condition

Temp 18 -25 ℃;Humidity 30~55%

Factory size require

L>35 m,W>5 m,H>3m

Total weight


The production line mainly used for the snickers bars with chocolate coating. It improved the traditionalmanual production into full automatic continuously production. This line is completed by the combination of low temperature roll pressing and slitting. Easy to operate and convenient to maintain, our product replaces the traditional artificial molding way with automatic production way and its thus suitable for the modern, large-scale, and intensive production of various filled bars. Such as Snickers, cereal bar, muesli bar etc.
This line was designed to produce the nuts and sugar mixed products.
Whole line consists of four main parts:
Sugar Cooking Part
Sugar Bars forming/cutting part
Chocolate enrobing part
Final products distribution and packing Part

1. Mixer-continuous or batch wise-for feeding item 2.

2. Slab former type for the first product layer.

3. Slab former type for the second product layer.

4. Sprinkling device for nuts,rice crispies etc.

5. Cooling tunnel,with water cooling from below and air cooling from above.

6. Longitudinal sitter.

7. Combined vertical and horizontal spreading.

8. Guillotine cutter,mechanical or ultrasonic.

9. 90* or 1800  turn conveyor.

10. Chocolate coating line.

11. Chocolate cooling tunnel.

12. Collect system for bars.

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