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Large vertical automatic packaging machine HTL-V420/V520/V680

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Large vertical automatic packaging machine HTL-V420/V520/V680

Detailed introduction

Large vertical automatic packaging machine HTL-V420/V520/V680

Large vertical automatic packaging machine HTL-V420/V520/V680

Main performance and structural features:

1. Using color touch screen and stable and reliable two-axis high-precision output PLC control, bag making, metering, filling, sealing, hitting, and cutting bags are completed in one time.

2. The air circuit control and circuit control are separated independently, the noise is small,and the circuit is more stable.

3. The vacuum belt is used to pull the film: the film has less resistance, the bag is formed well, and the belt is not easy to wear.

4. Adopt double servo control to achieve high precision positioning and accurate size.

5. With the external film release mechanism, the packaging film installation is simpler and easier.

6. The deviation adjustment of the packaging bag can be adjusted only on the touch screen, and the operation is simple.

7. The whole machine adopts a closed mechanism to effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine.

8. Adopt electronic weighing method, the package weight is more accurate, and the production cost is lower.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for packaging products such as granules, flakes and strips, such as sugar granules, potato chips, shrimp strips, jellies, peanuts, etc. within 3000ml.

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