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Happy New Year!

Jan 02, 2020
With the company's another glory, we ushered in 2020. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, we would like to address all the colleagues who have gone through the storm, shared honor, hard work, and silent dedication, and wish everyone a happy New Year. Good luck and happy family!   The ambition is high, the sea is full of rivers. In the new year, the way forward will have greater challenges. We must keep a clear head, emancipate the mind, boldly innovate, and meet new challenges with a new attitude!   There will be times when the wind and waves break, and we hang on the clouds to sail the sea. Looking forward to the new year, we are full of confidence in the future. Let's work together with a hundred times of enthusiasm, a thousand times of calm, and a thousand times of wisdom to jointly witness the great moment when the company once again took off!